Supporting Fertility with Acupuncture: A Testimonial

by | Oct 7, 2019 | Health & Wellness, Office News

Hi, I’m Dr Sarah Zielsdorf and I’m a functional medicine physician. I just wanted to recommend Elizabeth and Eric’s practice Geneva Acupuncture and Bodyworks.

I came to Elizabeth because I had actually suffered multiple miscarriages, multiple losses and as a functional med doc I knew about what was going on and I knew that acupuncture would be a wonderful way to balance my hormones, balance everything that was needed, in order for me to have a child. I had at that point a three year old daughter and we were hoping to have a second child and it was really a hard time. Elizabeth did a really thorough analysis and really took great care of me. We did three months of hormone balancing and we conceived our son.

She also treated me with herbs throughout my pregnancy in addition to acupuncture for multiple common ailments of pregnancy including migraines and swelling and just overall nausea not feeling well obviously in pregnancy, really helping with some of the deficiencies that I faced being pregnant at almost 36. So it can be done and it has just been a really wonderful wonderful thing being part of their practice so I highly recommend Elizabeth and Eric to anyone that that really thinks that they could be benefited by acupuncture chiropractic or herbs. Thank you.

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