Podcast with Becky Litwicki: The Incredible Benefits Of Acupuncture And Herbs

by | Jul 31, 2016 | Health & Wellness

Becky Litwicki is host and connector at Gather for Wellness. Her mission is to connect you with other kindred spirits to expand health and happiness. In this episode, Elizabeth and Becky talk about some of the many benefits they have seen with acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Here’s a recap of the show:

  • 1:30 Elizabeth’s story, inspired by her mom
  • 3:30 The science behind acupuncture and the many things it can help with
  • 9:00 How Chinese herbs take healing to a new level
  • 11:20 The difference between taking herbs and/or supplements compared to prescriptions
  • 14:40 How herbal tea compares to the herbs Elizabeth and other herbalists use
  • 16:00 DIY relief using acupressure points
  • 20:40 If time or money were not an option, Elizabeth would want more of this
  • 21:21 How Elizabeth creates better wellness in 5 minutes
  • 22:05 Elizabeth’s favorite recipe for happiness

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