Increase fertility naturally with acupuncture.

Acupuncture has been used to help with fertility for thousands of years. Whether you are trying to conceive on your own or with IVF or IUI, we can help.

 While it is important to live a healthy lifestyle once you have conceived, it is equally important to do so in the months leading up to conception since this period will determine the health of the sperm and egg that will eventually become your child. This is why the optimal time to begin Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatment is at least 3 months before you try to conceive to improve fertility.

As one Chinese parable states, “you must cultivate the soil before you plant the seed”. Much like everything in life, the key to success is preparation. We know how important and special it is for couples to start a family and want you to understand that there is help.

How can Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine improve my Fertility, both naturally or in conjunction with In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?

Menstrual regulation: Controlling irregular menstruation can enable couples to better predict the time of ovulation and increase the likelihood of fertilization.

Optimize endometrial lining: Acupuncture can increase blood flow to the uterus creating a more hospitable environment for an embryo to implant.

Prevent miscarriage: Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are known to reduce the likelihood of miscarriage.

Improve sperm quality: Acupuncture can increase sperm count and motility.

Relieve stress: Acupuncture has been shown to release Endorphins (the body’s natural feel-good chemical). Reducing stress turns up your parasympathetic nervous system which controls the ovaries, the release of hormones, and smooth muscle such as your uterus.

Hormone regulation: A woman’s hormone levels must fall within a desired range in order to continue with IVF treatment. Acupuncture has shown to influence hormone regulation centers in the brain.

Increased number of follicles & quality of eggs: Obtaining enough good quality eggs is important in determining whether or not IVF will be successful.

Increased likelihood of implantation: Studies show women undergoing IVF are 65% more likely to become pregnant when combined with Acupuncture.

Reduced side effects of hormone therapy: Medications given during IVF put you into an artificial and temporary state of menopause which can cause unwanted side effects such as hot flashes, irritability, mood swings, and insomnia. Acupuncture can minimize or eliminate these side effects.

Feel better. Move better. Live better.

Maximize health and well-being, eliminate pain and optimize performance with our specialized team.

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